Hello World…

Yes. I have a new blog website. Why you ask? Well because personally, I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing before. I was literally all over the place. I couldn’t actually decide what I was doing. After a lot of chaos and discarded posts, I deleted the account. I spent a year going in circles and now, well, I just wanted a fresh start.

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This Is Me

   If you were to ask  people who knew me, to describe me, they would probably tell you that I am a talented person. They may tell you that I am a caring person. Maybe compassionate. What they won’t tell you are the things they don’t see. The things buried deep inside that makes me the person I am today. The things that shaped me. Molded me. Strengthened me. The things that caused a major shift in the body that you know now as Lainey.gummibarchen-fruit-gums-bear-sweetness-54633.jpeg

I am the person I am today all because of the fire, trials, and hard places I was brought through. I will not sugar coat my life because then…well…it wouldn’t be life. I would just be telling you a fantasy. My life is so much better than a fantasy. Its real. I am real. I was born to stand out. THIS IS ME!

“She is far more precious than jewels.” – Proverbs 31:10jewels